Oldies but Goodies

Welcome to my little repository of useless information on ancient, outdated games!

I used to have so much fun on my old Apple IIe, hacking away at monsters in one of the several Bard's Tales, or exploding villains like blood sausages in Wasteland. Seems like these days, all the games are about real-time, first-person shoot'em up action. Boring! I like the tactics of the party melee, the brain torture of the clever puzzles, the game strategy that existed in the 'classics'.

There are a few other things here as well. Civilization II, although it is not ancient, definitely qualifies as a classic. Space Empires III is an entertaining space colonization strategy game. Check out the links to your left!


Other Info

I have a few other downloads as well. Check out Mario Brothers, a desktop version of the NES game.

Escape Velocity Nova for Windows is here! I used to play this game of interstellar trading and adventure all the time on an old PowerMac.