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EBM is an abbreviation of Electronic Body Music, a very danceable form of industrial music. Industrial is so named for the artificial, harsh, mechanical nature of the music. Gothic is a very different style of music, melodical and flowing without the heavy beats of industrial, but is often grouped together because the two genres often share the same group of fans.



The FAQ is a good starting place if your knowledge of the genre is somewhat limited. This website is a somewhat irreverent intro to the industrial genre.

There are too many guides to gothic music and the gothic lifestyle (many parodies) to shake a stick at on the web - probably because most goths are very intelligent, computer-literate people who are very kind and helpful once you get past their scary looks. Some say that the goth scene was in its heyday in the early to mid nineties, but there is definitely still a scene out there, though somewhat evolved from what it used to be. For those of you in the Chicago area, check out Gothic Chicago.

To the left are links to some of my favorite artists.

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