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  Synthpop/New Wave

Anything Box

Blue October

The Echoing Green



New Order/Electronic/Joy Division



Synthpop gets its name from the synthesizers that form the genre's sound. Many people say the history of synthpop begins with Kraftwerk, a german band that dates back to the early '70s.

New Wave grew out of synthpop in the mid-seventies and is reknowned for the 'big hair' that many artists wore in the eighties. It tends to have more of a dance beat than 'pure' synthpop.



The Synthpop Network is a good site for news, artists, labels, and clubs. There are several streaming radio stations worth giving a listen to. is more of a news site - very up-to-date.

The New Wave Complex is a good place to start for those unfamiliar with New Wave.

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