These are the picture galleries hosted on my own computer - your download speed may vary depending on who else is browsing the website and who is using the computer at the time.

Dubai: We took a short trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Get in the Ring: This was a circus-themed night at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club that we went to with a few friends from work.

Kew Gardens: The Kew Gardens are a royal botanic garden in southwest London that we visited with my sister-in-law and her partner.

Bath: First settled by Romans and later visited by royalty for the mineral baths. We visited with Gerry's parents, as well as seeing Stonehenge, the stones at Avebury, the charming village of Lacock, and the magnificent cathedral at Wells.

Around London: Pictures from our romp around the west end, the Thames, and Greenwich with Gerry's parents.

Nunhead: One of the seven great Victorian cemetaries built around London, it is now a lush, overgrown jungle hiding ancient tombstones and monuments.

Canal: Pictures from a walk we took from our flat on the Regent's canal through Camden town and to Regent's Park.

St. Alban's: A village on the northern outskirts of London with the ruins of a Roman city. We also took a walk in the woods just as the bluebells were blooming.

Work: Pictures taken of me with a friend's MacBook - she used the integrated software to digitally alter the pictures.