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100 Club: My coworker's husband went to the 100 Club on Oxford street for some jazz and rockabilly on his birthday.

John & Liz: Our friends John and Liz were the first to visit us in London.

South Africa: We went to South Africa for my friend's wedding.

Malta: We took a short holiday on this tiny island south of Sicily in the Mediterranean, without the digital camera.

Stockholm: One of our many visits to this beautiful capital of Sweden.

Highgate: Highgate is another of the seven Victorian cemetaries surrounding London. After being abandoned for many years, it is an impenetrable jungle hiding beautiful tombs.

Ren Faire: We visited the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin with our friends shortly before moving to London.

Grant Park: We also spent some time with my family in downtown Chicago shortly before leaving for England.

Annamarie's Wedding: In 2003 our friend Annamarie married Troy, in a 1920's-themed wedding and reception.

Oregon: Annamarie's wedding took place in Oregon, and we took a rental car on a tour of the area.