This is the home page for the 3E D&D campaign I ran in Chicago. The group has finished City of the Spider Queen, and the campaign has ended. The pages will no longer be updated.

The players

Pages last updated: August 12th, 2004.

Aramil Aramil - played by John, who maintains a webpage for the campaign Former Members Former members of the party
Asmira Asmira - played by Ken People Known People the party has met or heard about
K'ieron K'ieron - played by Ken Rumors Rumors the party has heard
Peddeshar Peddeshar - played by Kevin History Summary of the party's adventures
Rolan Rolan - played by Kevin Last Year's History Summary of last year's adventures
Tarrin Tarrin - played by Elizabeth Athansor Information on the campaign world, Athansor
Maps Maps of the campaign world, Athansor

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